8 Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, as such, testosterone is indelibly linked to male virility, vitality, and general wellbeing. So what happens when you’ve got low levels of testosterone?

Low testosterone levels can affect sex drive, causing it to decline, you may also be more prone to outbursts of anger or get irritated a lot faster than before, and it can even affect your quality of sleep.

Do these signs sound all too familiar? Here’s how you can increase testosterone naturally:

1. Start Working Out

Exercise can help with many health concerns, but it also happens to be a great way to boost your testosterone naturally, studies show that people who trained more often had higher levels. However, exercising will also have benefits for your testosterone levels if you’re overweight, as carrying excess weight is linked to lower levels of testosterone overall.

2. Eat Your Protein, Fats & Carbs

Food is of course linked to every part of our health, but which foods increase testosterone the most? Studies show that protein, fat, and carbs, eaten in their correct proportions can all help increase testosterone and keep hormone levels stable.

Try to follow a well-balanced diet and include as many whole foods as you possibly can. If you’re following a vegan diet and are unsure whether or not you’re getting enough protein- Try adding this Phyto Pro Thrive Protein Shake powder to your morning cereal or smoothie, protein sorted!

3. Shed The Stress

Chronic stress is linked to an increase in cortisol, if this persists over a lengthy period of time, it can cause testosterone levels to drop. Exercise, once again, can help keep your hormones balanced and in tip-top shape, forming part of a good stress management regime that helps to boost testosterone naturally. You can also try some deep breathing exercises to help even out your mood and keep stress at bay!

4. Try Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Certain vitamins and minerals may be able to help give your testosterone levels a boost, but the ones that come out on top in all the research are Zinc and vitamin D!

Studies also show that vitamins A, C, and E can help you to reach hormonal balance and enhance testosterone – Try Solal All You Need For Men Ages 20-50, a well-balanced multivitamin may be the unlikely testosterone booster you’ve been searching for.

5. et Lots of Quality Sleep

Getting good quality sleep is vital to your general health, so it may come as no surprise that it may also affect your testosterone levels. You may feel like you only need a few hours of sleep per night, but a study found that men who slept only 5 hours a night, experienced a 15% reduction in testosterone levels.

It may sound excessive, but you should opt for at least 7–10 hours of sleep every night for good health and the maintenance of your testosterone levels.

6. Give These Natural Testosterone Boosters a Go

Thankfully we can say that there are a few natural testosterone boosters for men with low testosterone levels that are actually backed up by science and research, these include:

  • Ashwagandha – This highly researched plant is shown to lower cortisol & boost testosterone, try Himalaya Ashwagandha Capsules and see if it works for you.
  • Ginger extract – Among various other health benefits, a ginger supplement can help to enhance testosterone.
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Shilajit
  • Tongkat ali

7. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

We know by now that sugar spikes your insulin each time you consume it, which could result in lower levels of testosterone, so avoiding sugar and sugar-laden foods is a good place to start.

The same could be said about alcohol and drug use, the occasional glass of wine is fine but remember not to overdo it. As mentioned before, simply eating a well-balanced diet every day can make a big difference, and don’t forget to laugh and be happy!

8. Skip The Estrogen-like Compounds

There are plenty of factors that can affect our hormonal balance, and one you may not have thought of first is the estrogen-like compounds in products you’ll find on a daily basis. Studies show that men with high BPA levels also displayed a drop in testosterone levels.

If your testosterone levels have taken a serious dip, you may want to take a look at how exposed you are to BPA and parabens that are commonly found in certain plastics, avoid microwavable foods wrapped in plastic, switch to glass or other safer materials where possible.

Your Testosterone Levels Matter

Don’t neglect the signs of low testosterone – As a man it’s a hormone that’s vital to your general wellbeing, so if you suspect that you may be suffering the symptoms of low testosterone, start including these simple and natural ways to increase your testosterone levels today!

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