Introducing Gareth Corbett

Have you ever walked into a place, and immediately felt at ease? Or perhaps you’ve entered somewhere for the first time feeling nervous, but the moment you were greeted you felt relaxed?

Call it what you want, but this is the moment you realise that you’re in a good space, and (depending on the situation) that you’re also in good hands.

I had the opportunity to enjoy that feeling this week when I had a one-on-one training session with personal trainer / professional badass / business owner / devoted husband / and all-round nice guy – Gareth Corbett.

Meeting Gareth for The First Time…

I watched this hulking figure enter and I thought, “Oh, God”, but an immediate smile and friendly “howzit” turned my “Oh, God” into an “OMG”. And there it was – That instant feeling of security. (Don’t get me wrong, I was sure he was about to put me through my paces – Only, I was totally fine with it after that greeting.) Trust was immediate.

We entered the gym area and I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of his wife training one of her clients. How lucky was I to get to meet both Gareth and his wife, the centre’s namesake and owner? It was like having a session with celebrity trainers!

Gareth used the hour with a full-body workout, and I got to learn more about him – and right off the bat I could tell how passionate and experienced he is. His confidence matches his knowledge and I found myself enjoying the conversation just as much as the workout.

It wasn’t learning about all the years Gareth has been a trainer, or been in fitness, nor the places that he’s worked at prior. What got my attention was the mention of his own programme, The Corbett Collection – that he runs, as well as his HIIT classes and one-on-one sessions at The Storm Centre. When he went on to add that he also has a nutrition programme, I thought: “This dude can’t be real”. The absolute dedication and endless energy put into OTHERS’ wellbeing? Wow. (Not to mention his ability to work so effortlessly as part of his wife’s business, supporting her goals = Winner!)

But I’m getting off-track…

I knew right then that I had to find out more about The Corbett Collection and best believe, I was NOT disappointed! Far be it from me to keep this gem a secret, so I’ve decided to share with you everything that you need to know about Gareth Corbett’s Fitness Programme, ‘The Corbett Collection’… and his 8-week Nutrition Programme.

The Corbett Collection

The Corbett Collection offers you your very own personalised daily training program, for both gym or home workouts. Perfect for staying dedicated even on those days where you don’t feel up to going into a gym ﹘ Or, better yet, without having to pay a gym fee. And even if you are already a gym member, having access to new, daily online workouts is like having your own personal trainer right there guiding you towards your specific goals and targets.

Better still, Gareth offers access to on-demand workouts giving you even more variety, based entirely on your interest on that day.

Now as we all know, becoming fit and healthy isn’t all about the exercise – how often have you heard the saying “gains are made in the kitchen”? Well, Gareth has you covered! A personalised macro and calorie breakdown to help you achieve your specific goals and needs, which he adjusts as you progress. (Seriously, this guy’s dedication to his clients is next level.)

He has even gone so far as to provide ongoing nutrition and fitness education, where you can learn how to fuel your body properly and train effectively! Many people are so often put off when they start hearing words like ‘macro’, ‘calorie-deficit’, or ‘nutritional value’, and the main reason is because they don’t quite understand how it works. This way, everything begins to make sense ﹘ and doesn’t scare you off!

Now for my favourite part. The Corbett Collection even includes daily personal coaching through a community WhatsApp group. This means that no matter how unmotivated you may be feeling, there is a positive support system at your fingertips (literally!) to boost your motivation and help you out of the rut. Who knows, maybe one day you could be that motivation for another!

If you thought that was all, here’s an extra little treat: you’ll receive exclusive access to discount codes for Run Store, BLK Sports and Health Central⁣! (Who doesn’t want to look good while training?)

It couldn’t be more convenient, or particular to your needs, and get this – it’s only R199 per month! That’s less than any gym or fitness guide, and for a far more rewarding outcome! As Gareth says himself, “The Corbett Collection puts a personal trainer in your pocket”.

Anyway, getting back to my workout session, while we’re chatting, the client training with Storm mentions that she is doing Gareth’s 8-week nutrition programme. “Perfect”, I think. I ask her how she is enjoying it, and she tells me that she’s literally tried everything and finally this programme got her the results she’d been craving (Excuse the pun). I know, I know, sounds cliché, right? But wait for it… She then tells me that she’d given birth to twins 11 months ago. My jaw hit the floor – she was in better shape than I was! That was it ﹘ I had to hear about this 8-week miracle.

A Sustainable Workout Programme

Turns out, just like the fitness plan, it’s tailor-made for each client. Over the course of the 8 weeks, the individual receives 5 full consultations, and a full macro and calorie-based eating plan suited to their goals. Every second week, Gareth does a check-in. This includes body fat measurements, pictures, and if necessary, adjustments to the eating plan. It’s simple, yet so effective. Gareth believes in being non-restrictive and although many trainers may say that, I had never heard straight from the client’s mouth that included in her plan are rusks and jelly tots! I can definitely get down with that.

A healthy outside certainly does start from the inside, and when it’s as sustainable and enjoyable as this, it becomes less programme, and more lifestyle. Which I believe, judging by Gareth’s dedication, is exactly what he hopes to inspire.

So, if you’re thinking of making a change and becoming healthy and happy, why not get in touch with Gareth, or better yet, go and check out one of his classes at the Storm Centre? By the way, while you’re there, don’t forget to have a look at the clothing range.

Simply book on the MindBody app and you’re on your way to an experience you won’t easily forget. (You can thank me later.) One more thing… If you’re still unsure and need some extra information, even their email is badass:

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