Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying CBD Oil

Everybody wants in on the CBD hype, however, not everybody selling CBD is a trustworthy source of quality products, and they probably don’t all care about how their product affects you.

 While those who’ve used CBD before may know how to tell the difference between a good CBD oil and a bad one, consumers who are new to the world of CBD may be unaware of the risks of buying just any old CBD oil online.

CBD oil and products sourced from poor-quality hemp will probably not do you any good, and may even be harmful, so if you have absolutely no clue what you need to look for when buying CBD products, and you’re left wondering, “Well how do I know if CBD oil is legit?” Then this is for you!

Here are the mistakes to avoid when buying CBD oil:

Skimping On The Cost

Cheap CBD oils are a dead giveaway of the type of quality you can expect, especially if they come from brands that are not reputable. Quality CBD oils are extracted using a very expensive extraction kit.

The companies will also need to have specialists running the show, as well as having third-party lab tests done to verify the quality of your CBD oil, so from this, we can deduce that producing high-quality CBD oil is a costly affair, to say the least.

Not knowing where your hemp comes from

Knowing where your CBD oil and products come from is important because poor-quality soil produces poor-quality hemp, and therefore poor-quality CBD oil, so companies should do a good job of informing you, the customer, about the origins of their hemp. If they’re not doing this, it’s a good indicator that they’ve got something to hide.

So what are the negatives of taking CBD oil that is sourced from plants grown in poor quality soil?

The soil is a very important component as hemp that’s grown in contaminated soil will possibly also contain these toxins, and farmers in certain countries may grow their hemp using harmful pesticides, all of which can be absorbed by the plants.

Assuming all CBD oils are created equal

CBD should never get you high as it is a non-psychoactive compound, this is due to its extremely low percentage of THC, and oils with higher volumes of THC simply cannot be called CBD oils. CBD can be distracted from both Marijuana and Hemp, so if a company extracts oil from marijuana plants, their product will contain higher levels of THC.

CBD oils containing traces of other compounds such as THC can be beneficial in other areas, but if you’re interested in CBD for anxiety, sleep, or stress, then you’ll want to stay clear of oils containing high amounts of THC, as you’ll get the opposite of the result that you were hoping for.

Not doing your own research

When taking any new supplement, it should go without saying that doing your own research is a must-do, don’t simply rely on the information you’re given by the company who created the product.

Make sure you know what you can realistically expect as many untrustworthy CBD suppliers may make miraculous claims about their product to get you to buy it.

Make sure you read information from more than one source and do your own comparisons to form your own conclusion. It doesn’t hurt to also read customer reviews on the products you’re interested in trying.

Having unrealistic expectations

When you neglect to do your own research, especially regarding CBD oils and products, you may end up having unrealistic expectations. While CBD has many benefits, no CBD company can ever claim that it will magically heal your disease or condition.

CBD oils and products are able to assist with many diseases and conditions and can help with the management of anxiety, pain, stress, arthritis and sleep problems such as insomnia. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it can magically heal your condition overnight.

Neglecting to read third party lab results

Make sure you do a quality check on any CBD you’re thinking of buying. CBD oils should undergo rigorous third-party lab testing that ensures the concentration of CBD in a company’s products are what they state they are. Third-party lab tests also pick up any contaminants in CBD oils.

Reputable companies will readily make such information available to you either on their websites or on request. If companies refuse to make their lab test results available to you, this should serve as a red flag, and it’s probably best you avoid that CBD company in the future. Be on the safe side, and look for CBD oils and products certified by the CRI (South African Cannabis Research Institute).

Make Sure You Choose The Best Quality CBD Oils

Now that you know what to look for when buying CBD products, you’ve got everything you need to ensure you only purchase the best CBD oils and products on the market, and avoid all the rest. Happy shopping!

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