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Aveeno Baby Barrier Cream 100ml
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Aveeno Baby Barrie Cream 100ml


Aveeno Baby Daily Care Barrier Cream is a skin protectant cream that assists in soothing dry and sensitive baby skin, shielding, softening and moisturizes the baby’s skin aftediapechanges.

Aveeno Yogurt Lotion 200ml
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Aveeno Yogurt Lotion 200ml


Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt Vanilla & Oat is a yoghurt-like body cream that will moisturize your skin for up to 48 hours.

Berry Toothpaste with Xylitol 75ml
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Berry Toothpaste with Xylitol


Designed fochildren undethe age of 3, this delicious, natural berry flavoured toothpaste is fluoride-free, making it non-toxic if swallowed. It also contains Xylitol to assist in the prevention of tooth decay.

Creche Guard Brain Fuel Omega 3 60 Chews
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Creche Guard Brain Fuel Omega3 60 Chews


Creche Guard Brain Fuel Omega-3 60 Chews are high in both EPA and DHA, which is essential fodeveloping and maintaining brain and eye function, as well as assisting with concentration and learning abilities.

Fun Time Bubble Bath with organic aloe 375ml
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Fun Time Bubble Bath with organic aloe


A certified organic, rich, and foamy bubble bath with soothing organic aloe that helps turn bath time into playtime. This citrus scented bubble bath is pH balanced and has ultra-mild surfactants, making it perfect foanyone with sensitive skin ootheirritations.

Kids Hand Wash 250ml
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Fun Time Hand Wash with organic rooibos


A certified organic hand wash that has a gentle citrus fragrance and contains organic rooibos which is rich in powerful antioxidants. Perfect to be used by the whole family, this hand wash is free from harmful chemicals such as Triclosan, and therefore will not pollute any watercourses.