8 Types of CBD Products

There are many types of CBD products available on the market. We take a look at the most popular kinds and what these products are normally used for.

One of the main benefits of the legalisation of both medical and recreational cannabis in many countries in recent years is that it opened the floor for the development of different types of CBD products.

This is great news for CBD users. After all, there are many different shampoos, washing powders, car brands, etc. on the market that suit the needs and budgets of different kinds of buyers. Happily, we are now at a point where the same can be said for CBD products.

When you consider your options in this regard, it’s good to know the lay of the land. It all starts by understanding the difference between CBD extract and CBD isolate.

CBD Extract VS CBD Isolate

CBD extract contains the full cannabinoid spectrum just as it is found in the plant. It is a thick, oily substance that can range in colour from amber to dark brown or black. Some versions are in the form of a thick paste, while others have a more runny consistency.

You will normally find it as an ingredient in other types of CBD products, but it can also be sold as a standalone solution. In these cases, it’s normally packaged in a syringe-like container.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, is a pure, isolated form of the compound that comes in the form of a crystalline substance, either as a powder or compressed into a slab. It contains up to 99% of the potency of the isolated cannabinoid compound and is completely free of THC.

It is a less costly version of CBD, and makes for a very versatile ingredient that is often used in capsules, edibles and tinctures. 

Beauty & Skincare

CBD products for skin and beauty applications are fast becoming very popular among both men and women, and with good reason. Used in the right way, it is said to have a positive impact on everything from general aches and pains, to the alleviation of unsightly swelling. These days you can find it in masks, serums, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, soaps and more.

Oil-Based Capsules

CBD capsules and pills are ingested just like a normal pill – swallowed and digested by the gut. The benefits of this type of CBD product is that the active compound is measured for your convenience and it typically has no taste. This is great for people who don’t enjoy that distinct hemp flavour.


CBD concentrates are a very high potency form of the compound that are meant to be inhaled to make it more bioavailable. It is a very quick and direct way of getting quick results. It is normally smoked or ‘dabbed’ by means of a wax pen vaporiser or traditional dab rig.

The types of concentrates that are most common include oil-purged ‘crumbles’, terpene-infused ‘shatters’, waxes and terpsolates.


Developing cannabis technology has gifted us with water-soluble forms of CBD that are now being infused into everything from sparkling water and energy shots, to powdered drink mixes, coffee, kombucha and more.

CBD for Pets

Pet-specific CBD products are developed for the benefit of our furry friends, containing appropriate doses and application methods for pets like cats and dogs. This includes tinctures, capsules, treats and sprays that can be applied and distributed easily by pet owners.

Oil-Based Tinctures

People who use CBD oil for pain tend to prefer oil-based tinctures that are applied underneath the tongue using a medicine dropper. You will also find this as the preferred delivery method for people who use CBD for dementia, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure. CBD arthritis solutions are also normally marketed in this way.


CBD topicals refer to anything you apply directly to your skin, including products like lip balms, skin creams and waxes. It is normally quite affordable since the CBD concentration is lower, and it’s very simple to use so it can easily slot into your existing self-care routine.

Vape Products

The CBD vape is perhaps one of the most popular types of CBD products. This is largely because inhaling CBD molecules shortens the time of onset due to the immense bioavailability of this method. I.e. it works very quickly.

Disposable vape pens with a pre-filled cartridge, battery and atomiser/clearomiser are preferred by first-time users who want an all-in-one solution. There are also vape cartridges and e-liquids that are compatible with standard pen-style vapes and e-cigs.

With all these options available, you are sure to find a product that suits your needs. Keep an eye on the blog if you would like to learn more about the types of CBD products available, and how the use of this active cannabinoid compound can help you to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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